Most people of the younger generation love to have something unique for their wedding invitations.  The rising global warming levels and habitat destruction have increased the need for shifting towards eco-friendly ecosystems. Incorporating eco friendliness in the field of Invites will have a huge impact towards presenting to the world the importance of an ecosystem.  Each eco-friendly invite will serve as an ambassador towards building an eco-friendly earth.

As a part of the drive there has been a huge surge towards using eco-friendly materials for wedding Invites.  Right from the recycled paper to websites there are plenty of choices for eco-friendly invites. Let’s look at some of the best eco-friendly invites.

1. Recycled Paper:

Recycled Paper is a fantastic choice running in the forefront of eco-friendly Invites.  It is said that every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees, 7000 gallons of water and saves the energy equivalent to 380 gallons of oil. The most interesting thing is that recycled papers keep almost 60 pounds of pollutants away from the atmosphere. Recycled Papers are usually made out of hemp or bamboo.

2. Seed Paper Invitations:

For those who are ardent supporters of “Go Green” initiative, seed papers will be a wonderful idea to use for printing their Invites – be it a wedding invite or any other invite for that matter.  Seed paper Invites carry the ‘plant a tree’ initiative to every household that receives them.  Seed paper Invites usually have seeds that are carefully and artistically implanted in the sheets used for making the invites.  The selection of which seed to use is left for you to decide as there are many varieties of seeds already implanted in the sheets and readily available in the market.

3.Wooden Eco-Friendly Invites:

Are you a lover of vintage? Then, Wooden Invites are perfect for you.  These wooden invites are carved beautifully on a piece of wood and crafted artistically to give a rustic feel.  The most interesting thing is that you can get these wooden invites customised in a way that pleases you and also fits into your budget.

4. E- Invites:

Do you hate the use of paper or any other material for that matter? Then you are not left without choice.  E-Invites come as a great compliment for you.  No Paper! No other Material for the matter! E- Invites are 100% paperless and Eco friendly.  As the world is becoming more digitised E-Invites are gaining ground especially among the tech savvy younger generation.  There are various designs and templates available.  All you need to do is -“Select the best template and get it designed”.

5. Jute Invites:

These are one of the most elegant looking Invites and are highly boasted as being environment friendly.  Using jute for wedding invites will not only save a lot of money but also take you close to the mother earth.

6.Gifting a Sapling:

Last but not the least, the idea of combining a sapling with an invite will promote the idea of making the earth greener.  This is a new idea trending in the society which is gradually gaining a foothold.

7. Websites:

Taking E-Invites to the next level we have beautiful and elegant websites designed to Invite people to the wedding. These websites differ according to the tastes and choices of the person. 

 8. Reusable Invites:

This is printing an invitation on things people will not throw away, rather they will use it for themselves.  This will reduce usage of paper and at the same time make the people reuse the thing again and again.  Some of the best examples of reusable invites are – plates, Kerchief, Boxes, etc.


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