In the typical Indian wedding and the other events like engagement, there is always gifts and other items that are part of the festivities. The bride’s family on their side and the groom’s family from their side, do not leave any stone upturned to ensure that the other party is happy with their gift arrangements or seervarisai as they are called.

So, it has become a norm to decorate all these gifts from either side to enhance their value manifold and look regal, royal and worth their dignity. For example, instead of the regular steel plates for carrying the fruit offerings, they may be placed in a colour coated rectangular wedding tray with glass paper, bow and ribbon to present them attractively.

The same procedure goes with all other offerings such as clothes, the saris and the dhoties for the family, the dresses for the children, the daily use items such as soap, perfumes for the newlyweds, the rings, the chains and other gold accessories, silver gift items; in short, anything and everything that is deemed to be a gift, will be gift wrapped and presented in decorated trays.

Just prior to the engagement, these decorated engagement trays are carried by the immediate family on to the stage and kept for public display.

There could be the silk tray which could contain the silk sarees and there could be the velvet tray containing the engagement gift items. Large gold plated and/or silver trays could be used for the fruit offerings or anything else. These trays come in multivarious sizes and could be small or big depending on the quantity offered.

Designer step trays are made of high quality stainless steel or silver and could be used to carry items of varying quantity. These designer step trays are also customizable and decorated as per the wishes of the client to enhance their look, feel and appeal.

Wedding sarees, in this case the engagement sarees are placed in a special engagement saree tray, which are expected to look stylish, light in weight and are made out of the best quality material.

The wedding or engagement trousseau is the most important set of items and they are placed in specially made trousseau trays, separately for the bride and the groom. They usually are made unique for easy identification, using brightly coloured trays such as the expensive zardosi decorated trays or brocade trays with intricated designs to indicate the importance of the bride and the groom in the event.

For the other seervarisai items, there could be the tray made out of kora grass, which looks elegant and also vintage and contemporary at the same time and in tune with the present trend of being one with nature.

There are many varieties of decorative engagement trays, gift trays, trays that are made of silver, german silver, white metal and so on; you name it, we have it; not to mention the harathi tray, which is the most important aspect. There is also a musical version that plays the traditional harathi song while performing the harathi.

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Whether it is for your engagement or wedding, we have the trays for your seervarisai items in all prices and various designs. Welcome to our store.