The Importance of Colours in Wedding

Colour preference is very personal, and individual interpretation of colours varies from person to person. Colour is the key element of a wedding.  The choices of colours start from choosing your wedding invitations, decorations, table floral arrangement and wedding attire.  It is used to create aesthetically pleasing combinations and it also works on a psychological level.  Colours can also create specific moods and looks.

Where to Start Making Selections for Your Wedding invitation colour?

So, begin by creating a concept and inspiration board with pictures that you would like to incorporate into your wedding invitation.

How to Choose the Best colours for You?

Let us give you some colour combinations and ideas.

Nowadays, the bride or the groom getting married start thinking of colours to choose for wedding theme, wedding invitation etc., Some are really creative in choosing the colour combination for their wedding so that they look fabulous in wedding.  So colour wheels can help you choose the wedding colours that can be implemented in your wedding.

The Psychology of Colours

There is always a relationship between colour and human, the colours are the only way to convey the psychology of a person.  This also has an impact on the bride and groom who chooses the colours for their wedding. Below given are colours and its psychology.

White is colour is the purest form that represents innocence, wholeness and perfection.  It is the colour of the angel in the most subtle form.

Ivory is a neutral colour, which means level of impartiality.  Though it’s similar to white, it creates a warmer, richer and more elegant colour that blends well with darker shades.  A floral theme on the top will embolden the ivory hue making it elegant and just unique for itself.

Red creates the warm and stimulating mood at your wedding with lots of high energy and lots of action.

Orange is a colour that represents an uplifting, optimistic, positive and motivational colour which exudes warmth and happiness.

Yellow colour is related to the mind and the intellect.  It’s a way of creating Warm welcoming, cheerful and happy mood which will lift the spirits of your guests.

Green in your wedding colours will create a calming and restful mood with enough warmth to encourage a feeling of unity and togetherness among the guests.

Blue for your wedding colour will create a relaxing and peaceful mood for your wedding in which everyone will feel content and happy.

Indigo among your wedding colours will create a mood with a degree of tradition being an important part of the wedding ceremony.

Purple creates individuality, mystery and fantasy. It’s a kind of colour that brings joy and happiness to the mind.  A gentle colour that is the delight of the eyes.

Turquoise controls and heals the emotions.  It is a charming colour of the lucky emerald.  It is a happy and friendly colour which connects the heart and the words.  A true delight of romance.


Pink is something that goes hand in hand interwoven with love.  Pink and Romance are inseparable twins that are hard to be torn apart.  Pink creates a mood of love and thoughtfulness.

The marvellous Magenta boosts the mood of compassion, kindness, support and innovation.  A delight of the younger generation, Magenta finds a place in the minds of the youngster.  A truly artistic and compassionate colour that trends the wedding invitation industry in 2020.

Brown – popularly identified as the mother of vintage is a fantastic colour that is also known to create a mood of stability and comfort, making guests feel at home.  It is an antique colour of the woody love whose uniqueness is left unchallenged.  A true colour of woods, brown creates peace and serenity.

Gray- A colour that usually will create a mood of neutrality it will be more involving and connecting for your guests.

Black as your wedding colour will create a mood of elegance, protection and mystery.

Silver represents a way of elegance.

Gold represents it’s elegance, affluence and luxury.

Trending Wedding colours for 2020

What are wedding colours for 2020 and which ones you will be excited to use in your wedding?

Dusty Aqua

Shades of aqua are having a major moment. Toned turquoise are subtle and can be paired with the hues of beige, and are with some other trending colours like sherbet pink.  Just like pastels aqua also began to trend.  

Warm canvas

This stays constant for ages, even though many colours are introduced to be trending one’s. Warm canvas, Earthy Neutrals or sometimes they are called unsaturated with colours.  But neutral colours are still colours just like a hue that appeals to be without colour.  There are lots of warm taupe, whites, and tans this year.  These colours include beige, cream, ivory, white, grey and brown.  The combination can be matched with any dark hues.


Bold colour, the creative one with this orange and yellow mustard hue. This colour has very high visibility and gains attention.  It still gets your message highlighted without the bold.  Can go well with the colours which have the hues of dark or light.

Sherbet Pink

Bringing back the 80’s hue.  This colour is very subtle, will be liked by most of the brides especially, the ones who are in favor of pastels.  There is no doubt this will definitely won’t be a wrong choice of colour.

Punchy Rust

Yes, we are bringing back our most favorite of 2019, and it’s here to stay and even in more than way you expected.   This element is the trend to take an element of punch this year.  This colour comes to the forefront in   many designs and in bold ways.

Trending colours of 2020 based on Season?

If your bride or groom started the wedding planning, such as deciding the wedding based seasons whether summer, winter, spring or fall.  So here is a list of colour schemes which are popular and trending for this year.

Winter Wedding colours

Whether dark or light the pastels here grasp the delight. The winter weddings with the mountain thematic weddings follow with the pastel colours like blush peach, elegant purple with gold embossing shall get you back with the classic standard invites. The royal classic colours like the off- white and the greys are also the ones which are seen in this part of the wedding.

Some of the most prominent colours of winter weddings are-

  • Crimson red, Pine green, Copper, Merlot & Obsidian
  • Rose quartz, Deep purple, Heather, Turkish Blue & Auburn
  • Scarlet, Yale Blue, Eucalyptus, Rosy Beige & Dark grey
  • Taupe, Dusty Sage, Hunter Green, Yellow gold & Onyx
  •  Winter peony, Emerald, Mauve, White & Black

Fall Wedding colour

The autumn fall of the invites truly gives justice when the blend of the reds and orange is seen. The rustic thematic colours seen in nature in  the fall season is a perfect blend of colours when they merge as the backdrop which are also implanted on the invitations. The calligraphy along with this colour scheme shall get you the complete vintage look for the invites.

The following are some of the modern colours which are a good choice for fall wedding palettes.

  • Hot pink, Mauve, Ballet slipper, Charcoal & Goldenrod
  • Rust, Brandy Butter, Blush, Sage green & Moss
  • Mulberry, Plum, Carrot, Powder blue & Dusty Rose
  • Garnet, Apple, deep Ruby, Misted yellow & Spruce
  • Rose gold, Powder, Dusty Blue, Eucalyptus & Desert Rose

Summer Wedding Colour

The hot seasons of the weddings are the summer weddings having the bright and bold colour palette inspiring the paper suite for the invitations. Having a destination beach theme wedding the shades of BLUES and YELLOWS shall avail pure justice to the summer weddings. Although the traditional side is filled with bright vivid colours, it also includes the blend of orange, lilac, and white. The blooming weddings feel with these bright colours towards the seasonal invite shall be a pure bliss.

Some of the most popular summer colours used are-

  • Tomato, Peach sorbet, Sepia, Mint & Teal
  • Butterscotch, Dusty rose, Linen, Cantaloupe & Toasted Oat
  • Fuschia, Golden Honey, Pine, Dark Green Barely, Beige & Coal
  • Caribbean Blue, Salmon, Tuscan sun, Artichoke & Rust
  • Raspberry, Cerulean, Boysenberry, Antique gold & Moss green

Spring Wedding colour

Spring signifies the end of winter and blooming flowers. The wedding invites for spring are the perfect way to shake off the coldness of winter and embrace the new beautiful season of spring. The invitations with lovely water colour splashed with colourful floral designs in the gold foiling shall give justice towards the spring invitations.

Some of the prominent spring colours are-

  • Butterscotch, Lilac, Lavender, Ruby, Red Grapefruit & Fern
  • Ballet slipper, Pine wood, Raspberry, Periwinkle & Moss
  • Tangerine, Hot pink, Pale Turquoise. Fire engine red & Dusty Ochre
  • Barely blush, Sage green, Fog , Slate & Cotton
  • Crimson, Lilac, Carrot, Lemon drop & Cornflower blue

Pantone colour of 2020 In  Wedding or wedding invitation

Pantone has declared the colour of the year 2020, and it’s a soothing, timeless shade that falls somewhere between mid-tone and deep blue on the colour spectrum. Which is highly usable in weddings, especially wedding invitations.  And it’s nevertheless CLASSIC BLUE and It’s truly versatile and calming, true-blue hue which is perfect for any occasion or event.   It’s a primary foundation colour can be easily paired with a variety of accent colours. Burgundy, corals, yellows, or even turquoise can be mingled with this gorgeous shade of blue.  Even the colours of ivory or white, and this can go with metallic colours like gold, silver, and copper can be stunningly coordinated with this “classic” blue colour.

Classic Blue is one of the most popular colours used in weddings, which creates peace and harmony as well as trust and loyalty, qualities of a happy marriage. Being a classic blue, it’s always familiar in the minds of people of all ages.


Trending Colours for all season

There are a set of colours that are trending throughout the wedding industry irrespective of the seasons. These colours are sought after because of their mesmerising hue that have captured the minds of many.


If you are a fan of Burgundy or Dust Rose, Cinnamon will be appalling to you, because this colour is a refined mix of both, and it works well with any season. Cinnamon inspired invites work well when combined with Dusty Rose.  It also goes well when combined appropriately with Blush Pink and Greenery.  It is a unique colour  on it’s own and creates an elegant match when combined with the right shades.


Greenery is a hot trend for wedding Invites and décor.  Invitations much like the bridal costumes tend to be out of fashion but one colour that has faced the test of time is the design where greenery is featured.  Invites with greenery have always been admired and loved by people of all times.   Light beige and grey invitations, with the clinging green leaves around as borders have always impressed a lot.  The richness of greenery further blends well with Terracotta, Blush Pink and Cinnamon Rose, Light grey and foil gold.

Shades of Gray

Grey is an eloquent shade that goes perfect as a neutral hue for any season.  Truly classic and elegant, grey perfectly goes as a pair with different colours such as Ivory, pink, yellow, coral and botanical greenery. Its combination with pink, orange, yellow, purple produces a marvellous match.  Grey when used with a combination of Ivory with greenery design will make the Invitation a perfect delight of the eyes.


Burgundy is one of the favourite wedding colours. Inspired by the tones of berry and wine, Burgundy gives an elegant look when mixed with the shades of light beige with an additional floral design.  The Burgundy laser cut wraps for the creamy textured invites provide a royal outlook for the invites.  Another perfect combination is that of Burgundy and Serenity Blue. This combination of Burgundy with Serenity blue makes  a beautiful and striking contrast.


Trending in today’s time is the Terracotta Invites with a mixture of soft watercolour floral creating a perfect design for a free spirited couple. Terracotta when mixed with ivory and light beige provides a magnificent look for the invites. A floral design adds beauty to the already beige-terracotta combination.


Ivory is considered to be a hot wedding colour.  Ivory wedding invites add grandeur to the wedding. Ivory Invitations are ideal for customisation. The Burgundy floral borders enhance the beauty of the Ivory Invitations and make it appealing to the eyes. The miraculous hue of  Ivory goes well with a lot of dark shades like the greenery designs, maroon and brown.  Ivory laser cut wraps for the invites provide a royal and elegant appearance. Ivory is the favourite of Laser cut design.

Neo mint

Trendy elegant Neo mint invitation is trending across the world of wedding stationery occupying itself a unique place accompanied with colours like ivory and peach, enhanced with beautiful floral design capturing the eyes of those searching for royal invites.  A beautiful peach flower decoration usually serves as an enhancement for the neo mint invites.  Apart from the invites, neo mint hue goes well for the boxes.  Although new, this magical shade of neo mint is one among the top trending colours that’s rocking the year 2020.


It’s an elegant version of a darker greyish purple not to be confused with lilac.  Also known as Mulberry Purple, cassis provides a rich outlook for the customised invites.  This colour is also a trending colour.


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