Box invites or boxed wedding invitations always exude a sense of elegance and luxury, upon the viewer. Who would not like to have a flamboyant sort of invitation ethnic, stylish and elegant?  If you are one of this sort who would like to announce your wedding in style and invite your guests with flair, there are a wide range of box invites you could choose from.

There are a wide range of interesting things to choose for the box invites, varying from aesthetic and customised Box invites are usually made with Cardboard, Kappa board and MDF.  The ones that are plain and without any partitions and other fillings are usually made out of Cardboards or Kappa boards.  These are the basic form of Box type of invites with motifs, monograms and creative colour palettes. You can spice it with a touch of religious quotes or funny lines to give a pinch of a personal touch. 

A Box invite is very unique because it gives a premium look with its antique finish.  

Box invite may be a regular or a customised one.  A customised traditional box invite is well decorated and crafted beyond one’s imagination.  This not only makes it unique but it also adds a touch of intimacy.

A regular box invite is available in various sizes, themes, colour and designs.  One needs to pick up what suits his / her taste and pocket.

 Box invites can broadly classified into two main types

1.Box invitations with Invites only:

This is a box invite which has only the inserts in the hollow caveat of the box with no partition for gifts. 

2. Box Invitations with partitions / containers:

It is a multipurpose one as it carries not only the invite but containers filled with dry fruits, spices, chocolates or any product confined to a particular region or area can be included in the invite box.  For example a specific tea leaves or tea bags from Sri Lanka can well suffice the contents of the box invite from that region.  A box invite having a utility after the purpose would be an ideal one.  


 a) Scroll box Invite

The Scroll box invite is as old as the Roman Empire.  This tradition has been passed on to many generations with a lot of innovations and in the present scroll invites, it is renewed and revived in many creative ways. Not only does it make a wedding card appear more exquisite and lavish, but it transforms the invitation into a keepsake piece.

b) Velvet hand embroidered box Invite

This takes its place in the luxury wedding.  This exquisite, hand embroidered silk invitation is a hallmark of dignity, style, elegance and uniqueness.  This specially crafted invite is an eye catching embellishments for the happy couple.

c) Acrylic box Invite

This stunning eye catching box would definitely capture the heart of your invitees.  What better way is there to remember your wedding than to keep the frost acrylic box invite as a show piece on the table of your guests?

d) Gift box Invite

These elegant, sturdy gift wooden boxes are available in a range of sizes to suit one’s need.  Details of the bride and the groom with other wedding details are given on top of the box. A beautiful eco-leatherette box can also well suffice the purpose of this type of invitation

e. Fabric box Invite

 A wide variety of fabric wedding card boxes, wedding decorations and gifts are available.  One can choose from box and case fabric wedding card boxes to suit one’s taste. 

Box invites based on Themes 

Everyone has a dream with a theme when it comes to celebrating one’s Big Day.  It’s a great idea to incorporate the theme starting from the invite till the finish of the Big Day.

 Following are a few of the themes one can choose the box invites from;

a.Beach Theme 

The invite depicting the typical beachfront will be an ideal visual delight. Embossing   these beautifully crafted box invites with pearls and seashells would be an added advantage.

b.Floral Theme 

What better way there is to say than with flowers?  Flower being a symbol of freshness, fragrance, love, and purity can be used to liven up the box invite.  The magnanimity of a Lotus, the purity of the Lily and the fragrance of Jasmine can be used for good thematic invite.

c. Mughal Theme 

Taj Mahal being a symbol of everlasting love by the Mughal Emperor is still very much alive in the memory of all the couples.  A wedding invite box with a beautiful artistic Mughal theme, gold plated patterns would surely add to the taste of the luxurious wedding invite.

d. Peacock Theme 

An exclusive colourful Peacock theme based invite box displays not only the symphony of vibrant and lively colours but also brings out the artistic and creativity touch.  One can make it more personalized by adding the groom and the bride pics. 

e. Bright colour Theme

“Some say it with flowers and many say it with colours”.  Colours give positive vibration and perfect synchronization on one’s box invite compliments the theme of the wedding invite.

f. Doli Theme 

The Indian Doli theme symbolizes the sentiments and emotions of the bride leaving the father’s house to start the next new phase of life in a very creative style.  

g. Elephant Theme 

The Elephant theme card displays the true essence of rich tradition in a very creative style. Nothing is more majestic and grandeur than an elephant.  It symbolises royalty too. 

h. Radha Krishna Theme 

This stupendously evergreen legendary couple is the most sought after favourite for many.  This theme is class apart and has a magical designer effect.

i. Palace Theme 

If one has the taste of royalty grandeur, splendor a palace theme is a right option.  This will speak volumes of impeccable culture of a particular place.  These box invites are a perfect coordination of a bygone era blending in charm of the modern time.

j. Tree of Life Theme 

How can one forget the life saviour of the Earth? – “The Trees’ ‘ Our Earth is filled with evergreen trees.  This theme will be truly inspiring and positive for ones who are eco-friendly.  This theme signifies the beginning of life and as for the couple, it signifies the beginning of their new life.

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