The  term ausprecious is used in conjunction with something that is both Auspicious & Precious. With regards to weddings we refer to it as an auspicious occasion.  For this auspicious occasion of wedding it will be a grandeur to use things that are Precious. We, at Anantmaya believe that this  auspicious and precious blend  will make wedding a blissful occasion.  Our belief in this interesting blend has given birth to a novel idea which we term as ‘Ausprecious’.  Ausprecious Collection is a wide term that includes Invites and return gifts.  Let’s look at each of them. 


Although coming second in line next to gold, Silver has more widespread use than gold.  Silver is considered as the common man’s friend.   Being cheaper than gold doesn’t hinder the usage of Silver as an auspicious metal in the field of wedding.

Silver wedding Invitations

Dazzle your wedding guests with Invitations made out pure silver.  Silver enhances nobility. Silver invites are to display one’s pride and giving them to the VIPs is considered an act of noble elite.  Invitations made out of pure silver when presented with a transparent box will be an added grandeur.

Silver Return gifts

Like Silver Invitations, silver return gifts like silver spoon, silver bowl, silver plates, etc.,  all made with pure silver can be a perfect gift, combination of royalty and elegance.

2. Swarovski Diamonds:

Coming from Austria Swarowski Diamonds are a range of precision cut crystal glass.  Contradicting the word Diamonds these Swarovski Crystals are not actually real diamonds but they are imitation diamonds that resemble actual diamonds, because of their close resemblance to Diamonds, Swarowski Stones are used in a wide range of products. Wedding invites are no exception to the Swarovski Stones.  The stone studded Invites are a delight for the eyes.  The close resemblance to the diamonds make it a member of the Ausprecious Collections. Apart from the Invites Swarowski Diamonds are also used for decorating Box Invites and return gifts.

3. Sandalwood

Sandalwood gives a rich and antique taste. We have come up with an idea of making Box Invites out of beautifully carved Sandalwood Boxes that give the admirers a rich antique feel.  Lots of things can be done with Sandalwood.  The beauty of Sandalwood boxes is that it’s fragrance lingers with time.  Beautifully carved sandalwood boxes can also be used for putting the return gifts while distributing them to the guests.  Apart from these Sandalwood Jewel boxes and Sandalwood Safes are good examples of Ausprecious Collections.  Sandalwood just adds a bit to the royal and unique experience.  

4. Diamonds

Who does not like Diamonds? A stone that mesmerises at the first sight, Diamonds have been luring people’s minds for ages.  From the Jewels of Cleopatra to the throne of the British Queen Diamond has found itself a place. How about incorporating it for your wedding apart from the Diamond necklaces and ornaments?  Wanna treat your guests with a Diamond delight then getting your wedding invites and boxes decorated with diamonds will not be a bad idea either.  If you are one among those with a royal taste then a diamond delight is something you should have in priority for the very important among your guests.  Diamond is the seal of richness and a delight of the eyes.  We at believe that creativity has no limits and this is a one of its kind gifting experience to your elite guests. 

5. Marble

Taj Mahal was built with marbles.  Marble is a symbol of sheer love. Marbles produce a cool and royal effect.  Marbles are a  great choice for  Invitations and boxes if you want to add an antique look and a romantic essence.  Beautiful Invites are cut and designed out of Marble.  The Boxes made out of marble are designed for Invites as well as return gifts.

6. Gem Studded Invitation

Invitations studded with beautiful gems will give a royal appearance.  We can also fill the Box Invites with gem stones along with the invites.  This will give a rich and royal appearance.  We would recommend this idea for those who want to design their invites in an auspicious and innovative way.

7. Invites with Sarees or Silk Dhotis                                     

There is a custom in South India among some communities to give Sarees along with Invitations to the family members.  We at Anantmaya have come up with a fantastic idea of a Box Invite where we can keep the Sarees along with the invitation in a beautiful crafted box and give it to the guests.  So, Instead of giving the Saree and Invitation separately we can design the Box as an Invite and keep the Saree or Silk Dhoti in it.  Any extra features can be added after all, its creativity we are going to bring into effect.  

8.Invites with BirthStones

Most people like BirthStones and believe that they have some power vested in them.  An Invite or a box invite with the Birthstone attached will give an elegant and a royal outlook.  Although we give these types of Invites only to a selected few, they will stay in their memories forever.

9. Invites with Jewels

It has become for the super rich to design their invites in such a manner that it becomes a showcase of ultra premium. In this case adding some jewellery along with the invitation and placing them all in a beautifully crafted box will definitely be a showcase of pride.

10. Auspicious Divine Invite

Combining divinity with rarity makes the invite ausprecious.  Placing a divine idol or any other symbols of other religions as per your religious belief in the custom crafted box brings divine blessings to the Invite.  A truly inspiring divine design crafted and adorned with preciousness when presented for an auspicious occasion like a wedding makes it really an ausprecious invite.

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